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Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions, however, if your question is not answered, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01902 456 152

What if I have more than one carat?
Not a problem, simply enter the weight of each carat of your gold or platinum in our gold or platinum calculator, if you agree with the estimated value you can proceed with the offer. We will then receive the details of your scrap items, and the weight of each carat. Once we receive your consignment, our testers will weight and test each carat to its exact purity, making sure you receive the most for your scrap.
What if I don’t know the carat value of my scrap gold/platinum?
Gold Forever (trading as Sell Gold Online) has over 25 years experience in the gold industry, we can identify the exact purity (carat) of your gold or platinum items. Once we receive your items, they will be tested to confirm their exact purity, and then an offer made based on this, making sure you receive the most for your scrap.
What if my gold isn’t hallmarked?
We accept gold or platinum items which don’t have hallmarks, or the ‘British Hallmark’ because once we receive your items, they will be tested to confirm their exact purity.
What if I don’t have an accurate scale or I don’t know the weight of my scrap items?
On receipt of your items, we will use our specialist scales finely calibrated to 0.1 gram to check the weight of your items, so it’s not a problem if you don’t know the weight of your scrap or your scale is not accurate.
If my gold weight does not agree with yours what happens?
If any contradiction in the weights occurs, you will be notified immediately.
What if I change my mind?
If you are not happy with your offer, we will return your items to you via Royal Mail Special Delivery. However, if you have accepted the offer and requested payment, this is an irrevocable transaction and we cannot return the items to you as they are melted and refined.
What happens if the market value of my gold changes after I've sent in my items?
If the market value of your gold/platinum increases when we receive your gold, we will pay you a higher amount per gram than calculated. However, in order to keep this a fair system, if the market prices drop, we must revise the offer accordingly as we are operating on very small margins.
Do you buy coloured gold?
Yes, we also buy white gold and rose gold.
What if I don’t have a printer?
After filling in the application form, it is advised that you print out your details and enclose it with your consignment. However, if you do not have a printer, just enclose your transaction ID number along with your items, noted on a piece of paper. This will enable us to identify your consignment when it arrives.
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