a) “We” or “Us” or “Company” or “SellGoldOnline” or “Gold Forever” means [Gold Forever] with its registered office at
467 Dudley Road
b) “You” or “Customer” or "User" means the person entering into an agreement with us for the sale of precious metals.
c) These terms and conditions together with those described on the Company’s website shall be binding on the customer of SellGoldOnline and shall insure in the benefit of SellGoldOnline and SellGoldOnline's successors and assigns. These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales. No failure of SellGoldOnline to exercise or enforce any right or provision of these terms and conditions will not be deemed as a waiver of such right or provision. If you would like a copy of the information on our website, please call us on 01902 456152

[2] You warrant to SellGoldOnline that you have:

a) Good and marketable title to the property you send in.
b) Full authority to sell and transfer said property.
c) Said property is sold free of all liens, encumbrances, liabilities, and adverse claims of every nature and description whatsoever. d) Said property is not from, or the result of, illegal activity in this country or any other country.
e) You are at least Eighteen (18) years of age.
f) Any transaction initiated by you will not cause SellGoldOnline to be in violation of any anti-money laundering, anti-terrorism, or other applicable law of the UK, or any country.
g) You are the actual legal owner of any and all property offered to be sold to SellGoldOnline and that SellGoldOnline may, but shall not be required to, ask you to provide documentation or other proof of such ownership.
h) You are acting on your own behalf.
i) Understood that “Cash in 24 hours” is not guaranteed for reasons such as delays in delivery of the items to us, and the delays in payments which are not controlled by SellGoldOnline.

a) We recommend all property sent to SellGoldOnline by you should be by a carrier that employs a system whereby your shipment can be insured and tracked. All items shipped to us are at your risk. We recommend that you use Royal Mail (Insured) Special Delivery for your shipment choosing £500, £1000 or £2500 insurance cover. Please do not use Recorded Delivery as this shipping method does not offer sufficient insurance.
b) SellGoldOnline reserves the right to reject delivery of any package which appears to be damaged, opened, or tampered with.
c) Any goods containing non precious metals will be returned at your own costs and SellGoldOnline is not liable for any losses or damages occurred in transport.
d) Any items being returned to you will be insured for the value equal to its scrap value, valued by SellGoldOnline, unless otherwise requested by you. Any extra premium for insurance will be at your own cost.

[4] On receipt of your package, SellGoldOnline's liability will be limited to the lesser of the following:

a) 33% of the certified appraised value of your items that have been appraised within the past 30 days. SellGoldOnline reserves the right to verify the appraisal certificate/document with a third party.
b) 33% of the scrap metal wholesale value of your items.
c) The sum of seventy five pounds (£75)
d) In no event or circumstance will SellGoldOnline be liable to any third parties or insurance carriers, nor will SellGoldOnline be liable for any consequential or indirect loss. In no event shall SellGoldOnline be liable for any damages from the loss or destruction of property in its possession for any reason, including negligence greater in value than 33% of its scrap metal wholesale value, valued by SellGoldOnline.

[5] SellGoldOnline will pay you for the precious metal content only of your material and we ask you to remove any gemstones prior to shipping your items. SellGoldOnline will not be held responsible for loss or damaged to gemstones contained in jewellery that is sent to us for valuation. Additionally by sending us your jewellery you accept that the process of determining a value involves placing certain acids on the gold or platinum and this can leave permanent staining and/or deep scratches. Any gemstones which are sent with jewellery will be removed before weighing your gold or platinum. If you subsequently decline our offer your gemstones will be returned loose along with your jewellery and any re-setting costs will be at your expense.

[6] Please note that we accept gold which is not hallmarked, however, if any items are found to be gold plated or not to contain any precious metals, we reserve the right to make a reasonable charge for time spent testing such items. This is because our small profits will be outweighed by our labor expense, maximum charge (Max £20)

[7] The Gold and Platinum calculators on this website are there for customers to use to receive an estimated offer for the purchase of their scrap gold or platinum. Any offer a user receives from the calculators should not be taken as a final offer as we must first test all scrap items we receive, also, the final offer is based on the market value on the day we receive and test your items. Therefore, the offer generated by the calculators should not be treated as a binding offer which the user accepts by sending their goods.

a) Once your items have been received and tested, we will contact you either by email or telephone to confirm our offer to purchase your precious metals. The offers is based on the market value of the precious metals on the day we receive your consignment, and after testing the items.
b) If you choose to decline our offer, they will be returned to you via Royal Mail Special Delivery. SellGoldOnline reserves the right, at its complete discretion to charge the user for the return postage and packaging for the return of your items (Max £15) and at its discretion to impose a fee to offset the cost of time spent testing the consignment (Max £20).

[9] If you accept our offer, payment will be made in one of three possible ways

1.Faster Payment System (FPS) – Where funds arrive in your account within 2 hours of processing the payment – Free of charge
2.BACS payment where funds will be in your account within 4 working days – Free of charge
3.We can issue a cheque within 24 hours of you accepting our offer to purchase, which will cost you £2, deduced from the final payment to yourself.


Please note if incorrect bank details (sort code and account number) have been provided by the customer in which SellGoldOnline have been advised to make a payment for the purchase of the scrap precious metals, it may take up to 10 working days for the payment to be reprocessed into the correct bank account provided again. In this case, 'Cash in 24 hours' does not apply.

[10] You have read, understood and agreed to SellGoldOnline terms and conditions and that if we are unsuccessful in contacting you for more than three consecutive working days we reserve the right to process your property (and make payment) without further reference to you and that once processed, the property cannot be recovered. Furthermore once you have agreed with SellGoldOnline valuation and asked for payment this is an irrevocable transaction binding both you and SellGoldOnline.

[11] SellGoldOnline will endeavor to the best of its ability to limit any interruptions to the provision of the service, but will not be obliged to refund monies in respect of temporary access limitations whether they are the fault of SellGoldOnline service provider or the fault of SellGoldOnline itself. SellGoldOnline reserves the right to suspend, restrict or terminate the service at any time for any duration of time with no liability. The user accepts that it might be necessary for SellGoldOnline to suspend the service for technical reasons

[12] This limitation of liability shall be binding on each and every customer and any third party, including, but not limited to, the customer and the customer's successors, assigns, insurance carriers and any other individual or entity asserting any right or claim relating to customer's transaction with SellGoldOnline. No liability will be accepted for loss or damage resulting from the use of services offered by SellGoldOnline. In no event shall SellGoldOnline be liable to any third party, including any insurance carrier. SellGoldOnline shall not be liable for any subrogation claim brought by the customer's insurance carrier. By submitting an item this limitation of liability shall be considered as accepted by and binding on each and every customer and any third party, including, but not limited to, the customer and the customer's successors, assigns, insurance carriers and any other individual or entity asserting any right or claim relating to customer's transaction with SellGoldOnline.

[13] You agree to indemnify, defend and hold us and our affiliated companies, shareholders, officers, directors, employees, agents or suppliers harmless from any and all claims or demands, made by any third party due to or arising out of your use of the services, the violation of these terms and conditions by you, or the infringement by you of any intellectual property or other right of any other person or entity.

a) By using the service and therefore accepting the terms and conditions stated here you agree that this Terms and Conditions shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the law of England and Wales and that any potential dispute will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.
b) In any event some of the terms and conditions stated herein will be considered to be invalid by a court this shall not affect the remainder part of these terms and conditions.
c) SellGoldOnline reserves the right to change these terms and conditions and advise you to revisit our website,, periodically to ensure that you are aware of our current terms and conditions.

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