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OK, so there's a clue in the name - we buy gold. But we do buy platinum too.

That doesn't mean we're just looking for gold bars and platinum ingots, although a gold bar or two is always a nice find. Often it's something you've thought of as pretty worthless which can actually earn you some money.

We'll give you cash for anything which is mostly made from gold or platinum. The gold can be yellow, white or rose coloured, we like them all.


So, now that jewellery isn't suddenly junk because it's broken, knotted, or because some stones have fallen out. And your trophy isn't rubbish because it's dented, scratched or tarnished. The precious metals in them are still worth good money to you.

Obviously we're interested in items in good working order too.

We are happy to buy the following items:

  • Rings, necklaces, bracelets, broaches, earrings.
  • Watches, chains, cufflinks, tie pins.
  • Coins and commemorative ware.
  • Dental crowns and bridgework.
  • Bullion bars.
  • Trophies, medals, and cups.

Have a think, have you got a forgotten little gold mine hidden away in your cupboard, drawers or attic? As well as old jewellery like necklaces, bracelets, rings and broaches, the sort of items which make money are broken watches, commemorative plaques and coins, medals, and cups.

Only one of a pair? It's still worth money to you if it's made from precious metal.

Believe it or not you might even have money tied up in old dental crowns or bridgework which you've hung on to.

If your item has a hallmark stamped into the metal you'll be able to work out roughly what its worth with our online calculator. No hallmark? No problem. If it is gold or platinum we're still interested. We've been in the business for 25 years and we can do tests to see how pure and how valuable your items really are.

We need the item to be mostly made of one of the precious metals for it to be worth anything to you. If it is we'll weigh it, examine the amount and quality of the precious metal, and work out what they're worth. The price we pay is based on how much of those metals there is in the piece you send us.

If you're in any doubt about whether something is of interest to us, or you need some advice about what it might be worth, please give our trained professional staff a call. They'll ask you a few questions and if there's money to be made for you they will talk you through what to do. The number is 01902 456152

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